All is not well in the Forum for Democratic Change camp in Kaabong. Following the withdrawal of the FDC candidate, Adyaka Nalibe, from the district Woman MP race, a number of accusations and counter-accusations have been made by various parties. The latest is by FDC supporters in the district warning their party.

The FDC supporters in Kaabong district have asked their leaders in Kampala to withdraw the statement that their candidate, Ms. Judith Adyaka Nalibe who was contesting for the Woman Member of Parliament (MP) seat for Kaabong district was bribed by NRM to pull out of the race.

Ms Adyaka Nalibe, wrote a withdrawal letter to the Electoral Commission. She complained of lack of support from her party. FDC swiftly responded by rejecting her withdrawal and cautioning the EC against implementing such a decision.

While addressing the press conference in Kampala yesterday, Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, the FDC spokesperson, claimed their candidate was bribed by NRM to the tune of UGX 1.2billion, an allegation that has angered Ms Adyaka and other FDC supporters in the district.

However, party supporters have spoken out saying the problems of FDC are tribal in nature. They say that the party gives a lot of support to branches and candidates in western Uganda while the other regions, especially Karamoja, are ignored. They also added that the only support that NAlibe received was from the People Power camp and not FDC.

“We tried our level base calling our party headquarters for resources and the good thing was that we had received our brothers from people power who had come to support us but our own FDC party betrayed us. If there is any candidate in western region, all party members go to campaign but when it comes to Karamoja nobody bothers,” they said.

The members threatened to quit the party if no response is made.

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