The Internal Security Organization Director-General, Col.Kaka has noted that Members of Parliament accusing ISO of torturing suspects are just ignorant and that he can’t waste his time on them.

Kawempe North Legislator Latif Ssebagala and his counter Part Kasiano Wadri representing Arua raised a matter of national importance before Parliament that ISO was operating ungazzetted safe houses where Uganda are tortured day in day out.

Parliament was compelled to summon some of the victims who narrated harrowing tales to the Parliamentary Committee on Human rights.

However, according to Col. Kaka, the ISO cannot be involved in the torture of suspects as it is alleged. Kaka said that he was an intelligence officer in the Bush was that captured Kampala but he never tortured anyone.

“In the bush war, I was the intelligence officer of the mobile brigade that captured Kampala but I never tortured anyone. They can vilify me but I want witnesses to come and pin me on torturing them,” Kaka said.

“Torturing suspects is not part of our standard operating procedures and in fact, if it was so, I would have started with Sobbi(Paddy Sserunjogi).”

Kaka said legislators are ill-informed of what happens, adding that they will always peddle baseless lies but noted that time will be the best judge.

Col.Kaka insisted that most of the suspects who claim to have been tortured are being paraded by a section of politicians to achieve their own motives but noted this would not derail him in ensuring security of the country.

“Some politicians (MPs) are ignorant because it is not their professional area. They, therefore, should not pretend to know more than we do.”

A week ago, Members of Parliament were blocked from accessing a safe house in Kyengera, which is allegedly being used to torture suspects and among the Legislators who were blocked included Hon. Zaake Butebi who has been a victim of torture before at the hands of Security.

Bobi wine addressing the Media after being blocked from accessing the Kyengera Safe house

The ISO chief further admitted that the security organ operates some safe houses but noted that they are for keeping suspects safe but not torturing them adding that only If Parliament had asked officially to access the safe houses, they would have been granted permission without any hesitation.



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