Veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda has fumed at the NRM government over its deliberate persistent approach towards Bobi Wine concerts.

While speaking out his view at a local radio talk show program on KFM, Mwenda labelled Museveni as a coward. Mwenda further rubbished police’s claims that Bobi Wine can mobilize from Busabala and overthrow the government.

“I want any fake reason as to why they refused Hon Kyagulanyi to go on with his concert”, Mwenda asked. “Busabala is his private estate, it is not in Kampala that he is going to cause jam”, he added.

According to Mwenda, it is Mr. Museveni to blame for Bobi Wine’s elevating political stand. He further condemned government’s blockade of Bobi’s independence day movements. “If he was going to campaign, Museveni also campaigns through wealth creation”. “Does Museveni fears his competitors to this extent? Why doesn’t he give freedom to his competitors?”, an emotional Mwenda wondered. “However much I disagree with Bobi Wine in alot of things but he deserves his right…People who are saying that he was going to campaign, did you first read his mind that he is going to campaign?… I believe NRM has better ideas that can convince people than Bobi Wine but why is NRM so terrified of Bobi Wine?”, he asked. He instead advised government to grant Bobi his freedom of they want the country to have some peace. “If NRM left Bobi Wine to do whatever he wants Bobi Wine will disappear from news and public but whenever NRM is on him, oppressing him Bobi Wine will continue to grow bigger. These NRM tactics are helping Bobi Wine build his political brand.” Mwenda told the moderator

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