Arising investigations into the mysterious murder of the 16 year old killed on October, 3 during the strike pins LDU forces.

A private inquiry into the death of Swabul shows he was shot in the head with a bullet allegedly fired by the LDU officers. A witness who claims to have seen the gruesome actions says Yiga was rounded off by men dressed in army green who appeared to be attached to the LDU. These had camped in Kyambogo university temporarily to crush the protest that had swept through the university as students opposed the impeachment of their guild president, Tundulu Jonathan. It is then that the deceased was allegedly shot at by the LDU troops as they suspected him to have been part of the ruckus.

According to reports by Daily Monitor the deceased Yiga was first held in custody of Kyambogo Police station on the orders of the O/C before he chickened out and asked the Ntinda police station O/C to chauffeur him away to Mulago hospital from where he died the next day, October 3.


Police’s unconvincing revelations

After realising how hard it would be to explain to the public and relatives of the deceased, police decided to hurriedly bury Yiga in a mass grave in the Bukasa cemetery. Police could have acted so to conceal information surrounding Yiga’s death. Another version was hatched up to suit in the police’s struggles to shield this story. According to the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango, they had received reports of a youth gang that tormented locals within the Banda area and that the deceased was part of this crew. It is claimed that he met his ill fate when he landed on a mob that lynched him to nearly death when police came in for his rescue.

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango addressing the press

Relatives disagree with police claims

Yiga’s mother Ms. Ruth Nalule disagrees with police’s claims that her son was lynched. She tearfully narrates her account of the circumstances where she reveals a whistleblower tipped her that her late son was killed by the LDU at the time he had gone to watch the Manchester United- New Castle game. After days of search for the corpse, she involved her eldest son Sharif Bukenya, a football player with Vipers FC. He was sent to Mulago KCCA mortuary where he was advised to check with the cemetery mass grave. It is here that the family paid shs 450,000 to attendants to exhume the corpse which they identified as their own.

Yiga’s mother (photo credit Daily Monitor)


Why Police is panicking

Uganda police is struggling to maintain its image following a series of atrocities and human rights violations attributed to its former head, Gen. Kale Kayihura. Therefore secretly burying Yiga in the cemetery would somehow distance the police institution from being accountable for his death given that LDU operates within the circles of this institution. Since its creation, the LDU has continued to torment and silently kill Ugandans. The latest victim after Yiga is a garage mechanic in Lira district who was last night, October 13 beaten and maimed by the LDU troops who found him at his workplace.

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