Uganda police has summoned a three month old baby boy, Zawadi together with her mother Namatta Annete alias Nana Mwafrika Mbarikiwa.

According to reports from Nana herself, police says she must appear before Kiira road station tomorrow morning by 10am without fail or else an arrest warrant gets issued. From our phone engagement with the renowned feminist, we established that police wants her to respond to the bond terms.

Police grabbing the three months old baby from its mother

Nana was brutally arrested on independence day by police under the command of the Ntinda police station DPC. She was in Ntinda trading centre at the time of the arrest where she was found launching her “Twesibe Leesu” campaign. Designed veils and head scuffs with the Uganda flag inscriptions were confiscated from her when police attempted to dump her on the waiting truck.

Nana wrapped in her Uganda flag scuff (leesu)

She was then detained for several hours with her three months old baby till pressure exterted by activists forced the officers to cough her. She sought medical treatment at a local Ntinda hospital where the bruises and internal injuries were nursed.

In a phone interview with our site, Nana has confirmed that she will appear with her baby at 10am tomorrow at Kiira road police station to answer to the police summons. “I will limp to Kiira road police station tomorrow with my baby to respond to police summons”, Nana said.

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