This week, I wrote that Ethics and Integrity Minister ought to come out and say something over the case of Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata and Edirisa Musuuza Kenzo. Well, I guess Father Lokodo finally read Ekyooto and has come out to speak on the feud.

Lokodo’s intervention comes after Kenzo vowed never to perform on a stage in Uganda until outspoken Sheikh Muzaata retracts statements in which he is alleged to have said that the artiste may be gay.

During the visit of Hamza Sebunya to Rema Namakula’s home on Independence Day, Sheikh Muzaata, who was one of the guests, is said to have hit at Kenzo for taking Rema for granted during their marriage.

But speaking in an interview at his office in Kampala on Wednesday, October 16, Fr Lokodo said he had received a letter from a concerned citizen who is demanding disciplinary action against Sheikh Muzaata. The letter was also addressed to the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

“Yes, I have received a letter from the concerned person. I had also read about the saga. I am studying the letter and I will work to address it,” Fr Lokodo said.

He also condemned Sheikh Muzaata for using language that often hurts other people’s feelings.

In a video message posted on his social media accounts on Saturday, October 12, Kenzo said Sheikh Muzaata’s words have caused him untold torture and humiliation.

“I apologise to everyone affected by the ongoing saga but I didn’t mean it. I am tortured by Muzaata’s words and I don’t know how I can get onto the stage to sing for my Ugandan followers,” Kenzo said.

“He should come out to clear the air about what he labelled me. I won’t get onto the stage to sing in Uganda until Muzaata retracts his statements towards me.”

The singer wondered why Muzaata continued to ignore the fact that Kenzo was officially wedded in a religious function with Rema Namakula.

“Unless he is blaming me for not doing the traditional wedding or introduction but for a religious one, the function was done long ago. I am tortured by Muzaata’s words. I have made the decision without being forced that I will never sing on a Ugandan stage until my death unless he retracts his statement,” Kenzo vowed.

We wait to see if the Head of the Anti-Pornography Committee will spare enough time away from looking out for new pornographic content by Ugandans to address this issue.

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