Minister Idah Nantaba has been silent in the public fora following what she insists was an assassination attempt on her life by now slain Ssebulime. In the wake of her incident, she defied Police summons citing that the President had ordered her to stay home for her own safety. Nantaba also claimed that the Police had been compromised by the mafias who wanted her dead.

Commenting about her return, Nantaba has told NBS Journalist Simon Kaggwa Njala this morning on his NBS Morning Breeze program that “I’m a public servant. When the prime minister signs me to do public duties I go. I’m breathing today by God’s grace.”

Aidah Nantaba on NBS this morning

Asked whether she feels depressed, Minister Idah Nantaba replied “I was at a time but I’m recovering slowly. Today, I have a lot of unanswered questions. Six months down the road, we have no report on why Ssebulime was murdered.”

“The police officer who shot Ssebulime dead is still in Luzira, we don’t see him appearing in court to answer to his charges,” Nantaba added

Nantaba says that she imagines someone in a high position is using police to kill people. The police narrative doesn’t add up with what happened that day. She says that by the time Ssebulime approached where they had parked to buy groceries, there was no bag on his back. All she saw was a number plate being supported by a rope. Police have to explain where the bag came from.

Asked whether she has any remorse towards Ssebulime’s family, Minister Idah Nantaba replied “Not at all. This family is being used by someone who wants to take my life. Ssebulime was silenced for reasons.”

Minister Idah Nantaba added that “Police could have known that once this man is handed over to the hands of law, he would have exposed the people.”

Aked whether she was at liberty to name who she suspects for wanting her dead, Minister Idah Nantaba said she was not at liberty but had mentioned the names to the president.

“When I recollect all the events before we came across Ssebulime, things start adding up. Could it have been a well-organised crime perpetrated by the police?” Nantaba says

Nantaba says she has survived five attempts on her life. At one time she wanted to take the Inspector General of Police to court but was advised to calm down.

She attributes her well-being to date to God. “I’m a prayerful woman and God knows my calendar. There are times when I want to run away but I serve a living God.”

Idah Nantaba says that things have gone bad in Uganda and that they’ve gone beyond.  She says that it hurts her when people in government try to kill her. Furthermore, knowing who wants her dead even makes it worse.

Nantaba also revealed that there are generals in the Army who are bigger than the police. She says she has also discovered that there are bad people close to President Museveni who manipulate him. They falsely make anyone look bad in his eyes. She said that she is paying the price for crossing an untouchable person’s red light.

Asked how she caught the eye of the president, Idah Nantaba says that President Museveni is interested in people who want to serve this nation. He is the biggest servant who needs a helping hand.

Nantaba says that President Museveni needs to clean the police. He should “Have the courtesy to touch the untouchables. The country is suffering but some people can’t be brought to order. Every time you cross their line, you’re looking for bloodshed.”


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