The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has finally accepted to take over the leadership of the Inter-Party Dialogue (IPOD). This brings an end to speculations over a looming power vacuum after the FDC had threatened not to take the leadership mantle and also boycotted previous meetings. The party also said that they will use their tenure to push Mr. Museveni out of power.

Party spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemuju told the press on Monday that other parties like NRM and Democratic Party (DP) were insinuating that they are reluctant to take up the leadership of this voluntary organization upon expiry of DP’s term. Ssemuju said “The term of office for the Democratic Party expired on September 25th, 2019 and we legally according to our Memorandum of Understanding, took over the IPOD leadership. ’

He added that “According to the MOU, IPOD leadership rotates every after every six months. The FDC, therefore, is currently both the chair of the IPOD Summit and IPOD Council. The Summit is composed of leaders of political parties and the Council is composed of the Secretary Generals and other four representatives. The Government and Opposition Whip are also members of the Council. The DP President General Hon. Nobert Mao and DP Secretary-General Dr. Gerald Siranda have been the IPOD leaders respectively.’’

He added that FDC has taken over and awaits the official handover ceremony and handover reports from both Hon. Mao and Dr Siranda. The DP took over IPOD on March 25th 2019.” He also revealed that the FDC Secretary General Hon. Nandala Mafabi will, on consultation with the IPOD Summit Chair Hon. Eng. Patrick Amuriat, present proposals on the issues the FDC wants IPOD to consider in the next six months of our leadership.

Ssemuju also noted ” We are aware of some manoeuvers by some IPOD colleagues to illegally handover leadership to another party. They want to skip FDC because it refused to sit on the same table with the dictator Yoweri Museveni.”

Ssemuju said that negotiating an end to the life presidency will be FDC’s milestone while leading IPOD, adding that this was what the IPOD must strive to achieve. He rubbished those who accuse FDC of benefiting from IPOD money yet they don’t want to meet with Museveni saying that he advises colleagues not to create an impression out there that IPOD is all about money.

IPOD is an umbrella organisation that brings together all political parties that have members in parliament. It now has NRM, DP, FDC, UPC and JEEMA as the only members.

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