Today Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine joined hundreds of mourners at the sendoff of the Uganda Human rights Commission Chairperson Med Ssozi Kaggwa who breathed his after collapsing his vehicle on his way to work.

Bobi Wine returned to Uganda Wednesday night from the United States of America where he has been doing fundraising drives across all states of the US and meeting Ugandans who live in the Diaspora.

Despite being Jet lagged, Bobi Wine says he felt compelled to attend Med Kaggwa’s burial in honor of the deceased ‘s commitment to Human rights even when he was working in very difficult situations under a dictatorial Government that does not respect institutions.

Bobi Wine also narrated that another reason he felt compelled to attend the burial was because Hon. Kaggwa was there for him in one of the most difficult moments of his(Bobi Wine)life adding that He did not only visit him in prison, but he went as far as pushing to see that his family and lawyers were granted access to visit him at the military facility.

Bobi Wine also quoted Shakespeare “The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones.”

May your good works follow you, and may your soul rest in peace, said Bobi Wine.

While the Burial event had been completed smoothly without any interference, People Power Supporters who had gathered to escort Bobi Wine to his car were tear gassed.

“Unfortunately on our way back, police and the military teargased our people who came out to wave to us and show solitary with our cause. I told them that not even their brutality can stop an idea whose time has come” said Bobi Wine

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