Senior Presidential Press Secretary Don Wanyama has attacked Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine saying his links to the western powers make him (Bobi Wine) someone who is being fattened like a cow, to get him ready for the slaughterhouse.

While appearing on National TV, Wanyama said that Bobi Wine should be mindful of the foreign forces that surrounding him adding that there should be hidden interests in their support for him.

“Bobi Wine should be mindful of some of the foreign forces surrounding him. If I may advise him, yes, you can make friends but I don’t know the kind of friends he is making. You need to read a story of a man called Severo Moto. He was an opposition leader in Equatorial Guinea who was fattened by the west because they had an interest in that country,” Wanyama said in part.

Wanyama added that the west is always on the lookout for several puppet leaders that they use and Bobi Wine falls in that category because they believe he can effect change.

“They always look out for puppet leaders and use them to effect change. I am not saying that Bobi Wine is a puppet, but some of those awards don’t mean anything,” he said.

Despite all actions by the state that clearly indicate the state is Panicking, Wanyama said that the state is not panicking in any way but any government will react to Bobi Wine or Besigye the way they did if faced with such politicians who want to create anarchy in the country.

On the issue of presidential appointments in the Ghetto, Wanyama said that the media has decided to give ‘undue prominence’ to the President’s activities in the Ghetto yet it is not something new as the president has always been one for the common man citing the NRA struggle where he was received and supported by Ordinary People in the Luweero Triangle.




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