Uganda Police arrested over 27 People Power Movement activists yesterday during the Gayaza Consultation ruckus, among these include lawyers who had come to represent the detained but also ended up being detained over unknown circumstances.

The #FreeThe27PeoplePowerActivists is now trending which has prompted People Power Movement supporters to demand the release of their colleagues from custody at Kasangati Police Station.

Below are the names of the activists in Police Custody.


  1. Joel Ssenyonyi (People Power Movement Spokesperson)
  2. Alex Waiswa Mufumbira
  3. Tamale William (Of Tamie Images)
  4. Semugoma Hamdan
  5. Malimbolimbo
  6. Dencity
  7. Tamale Peter
  8. Dem Gust Opondo
  9. Muwada Nkunyingi (Lawyer)
  10. Kizza Hakim
  11. Mubiru James
  12. Yawe Henry
  13. Senkubuge Fagan
  14. Kataabu Moses
  15. Walugembe Ronald
  16. Zida Magid
  17. Kusasirwe Shafiq
  18. Sekyanzi Poul
  19. Kabunga Batulumayo
  20. Yiga Abiyasali
  21. Bogere Godfrey
  22. Nyanzi William
  23. Musiri David
  24. Sewaguma Asafu
  25. Kaboggoza Richard
  26. Rehem Bobi Diehard
  27. Kwagala Angle.


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