Legislators in Burundi have adopted a draft law elevating President Nkurunziza to the title of supreme leader and entitlement to receive 1.8billion ugx as he prepares to leave office in May 2020.

The law was endorsed by 98 lawmakers and only two voted against it on Tuesday, January 21, 2020.

The law proposed that only heads of states who were elected by all citizens will benefit sidelining those who came to power via a peace deal or military coup

Mr. Nkurunziza who has been in power since 2005 has promised not to run for another term in the general election due in May 2020.

The draft law will also award him a lifetime salary, housing and also be elevated to the title of “supreme leader” and “champion of patriotism”.

Burundi is a poor country with over 65% of people living in dire poverty and over 60 percent struggle to get what to eat.

Nkurunziza who has served 3 terms announced he won’t run again despite his country voting in a new constitution in 2018 that would have let him remain in power until 2034


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