Police in Kampala has arrested two suspects, an Indian and Ugandan in connection with an extortion racket that traffics Indians to Kampala.

The two suspects reportedly invited the Indian nationals under the pretext of connecting them to Canada for employment but instead booked them into a hotel and they started demanding a ransom from their relatives.

The suspects identified as Praful Butan and Mugumya Ignatius invited four Indians; -Akshay Parapati -Sahil Patel, Atul Patel and Kalpesh Vyas, on the 15th January and bound them in the Jolly Court Hotel at Kansanga

They were later checked out on 21st January at around 9:00 am, with a pretext of transporting them to Entebbe Airport en route to Canada but instead checked them into Allianz hotel in Buto, Bweyogerere.

At Allianz Hotel, the racket started demanding $50,000 (About Ugx. 185m) from relatives in India in order to be set free. Relatives in India alerted police in Uganda and a hunt for the kidnappers was launched

A Complaint was registered. Investigators accompanied by phone trackers sighted signals of phones used to call for ransom in Bweyogerere and moved to the exact place spot. Butan and Mugumya were found when they had confined their victims in a hotel room.

Police say the group which mainly targets foreigners particularly those from India, hoodwink their targets that they have jobs in Uganda or in other countries.

Upon arrival at Entebbe airport, Butan and Mugumya would then create a scenario that their victims have illegally entered the country. They would then confiscate the victims’ travel documents so as to create fear and panic among the victims and then advise them to call their relatives back home to send money for their release.

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