• A Cameroonian student has been confirmed to be infected by coronavirus after he had a visit in Wuhan.
  • The University has been provided with Psychological comfort


A 21 year old Cameroonian student studying at the China University of Yangtze has been confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus.

The university confirmed the news to Agencies saying that the student was being treated in Southern Jingzhou after contracting the virus. The university continued to state that the student had returned to Jingzhou where he lived on 19th January after contracting the virus from Wuhan where he had gone for a visit.

Many African students studying in China have cried to their government back home to find a plan of evacuating them but there is no African country that has put it into practice so far. This has driven massive cries in anxiety and fear within these students. Many African embassies are said to have abandoned their cries.

Panic has now engulfed the students at Yangze University where this student was studying from. However, the University authorities say that “The University has been provided with Psychological comfort and has reported the situation to his parents and the embassy. At present, the students is actively cooperating with the treatment in the hospital. His body temperature has been normal for two consecutive days.”

The coronavirus has killed over 200 people since it was discovered in Wuhan.

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