The Lesotho first lady has succumbed to pressure after days on the run following her suspected involvement in the murder of the prime minister’s wife. In a statement by the Lesotho police, her arrest was confirmed.

Meesaiah Thabane fled the country on January 10 after her arrest warrant had been issued. She is suspected to have had a hand in the 2017 murder of the former Prime Minister’s wife. A frightened Thabane evaded arrest and fled to neighbouring South Africa.

The Deputy police commissioner of police, Mokete Paseka said Ms. Thabane will spend a night in custody and then be arraigned before court if the Director of public prosecutions finalises her charge sheet.

Thabane had fled the country just a day after her arrest warrant was issued. She refused to report to the police for interrogation in links to the murder of Lipolelo, a wife from the former premier.

The killing occured two days before the prime minister’s inauguration for a second term, and two years after a court ruled that Lipelo was the lawful first lady and entitled to benefits. Thomas Thabane married his current wife some two months after Lipolelo’s death.

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