Ugandan Students stranded in Wuhan the epicenter of the coronavirus continue pleading with the government to have them evacuated from what they described as a “horror experience”.

Despite Government issuing statements for them to remain calm, The students have said that they cannot keep calm anymore as some of them have run out of supplies and masks as the number of virus infections continues to rapidly increase in the Wuhan province of China and beyond.

The increase in new infections is over five times higher and over 28,018 cases of the virus have been confirmed in 25 Countries across the World.

Ugandan students have now resorted to using twitter to call for help since all other avenues failed. Using the hashtag  #EvacuateUgandansInWuhan said they are willing to be quarantined for the prescribed 14 days while on Ugandan soil.

Over 71 students from Uganda who have been studying in various Universities are stuck in Wuhan and over 400 students across mainland China.

Thomas Kanzira, one of the medical students in China continues to callout to Government for its assistance to have Ugandan students evacuated because their safety is not guaranteed with the rate at which the virus is spreading.

“Please, I don’t want to be the next person in those body bags. Is this the same Wuhan the government says we’re safer in? If I die here my body will be cremated. My people won’t even get a chance to bury me,” Thomas tweeted.

Only identified as Derrick another student stuck in Wuhan said that Wuhan is in horror and one risks being arrested or expelled from the university if caught moving outside adding that the lockdown means that you have to stay within your premises without moving an inch outside or risk being arrested. It is draining. We are not okay! he exclaimed.

“The situation in China as portrayed in the media isn’t what it really is. No shops or pharmacies with gloves, sanitizers, and facemasks. Nothing.”

Students who are now living trauma say that the embassy of Uganda in China abandoned them because the communication they got from the embassy was two weeks ago which said that they should abide by the Chinese authorities guidelines.

Uganda’s Deputy Head of Mission in China Henry Mayega also recently noted that the country (Uganda) has no evacuation plans because the process is costly.

However, Wednesday evening, the Minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng said that government had earmarked Shs 25 billion to contain the virus from entering Uganda but the minister did not talk about evacuation plans adding that over 100 people from China were quarantined in different places in Uganda

Kenya also recently communicated that they will soon be evacuating their nationals from China and this has left the Ugandans asking why the East African Community can’t come together to evacuate all East Africans stranded in Wuhan.




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