Travellers to and from Kalangala Islands are stranded since they have to find alternative means after MV Kalangala suspended its operations on Saturday for annual mandatory servicing.

The chief executive officer Nation Oil Distributors Ltd, Mr. Sadala Musoke, which services the vessel on behalf of the Works Ministry, said the exercise will last one month which implies that the vessel will resume normal operations around March 9.

“It has been in our plan to take the vessel for mandatory service this year and starting February 9 it will suspend its operations for one month so that it is thoroughly serviced,” Mr. Musoke said.

Travelers are therefore encouraged to remain patient or find alternative means of travel since the servicing exercise is to ensure the safety of all those who travel or intend to use MV Kalangala.

“We urge our clients to be patient because this exercise is for their own safety. The exercise will not take long, and surveyors from abroad are already in the country to do the work together with our team of engineers,” he added.

Mr. Willy Lugoloobi, the Kalangala District chairperson, urged the government to ensure that repair and servicing of the vessel is done in the stipulated time frame. “It’s good that the vessel has finally gone for service, but let’s hope it will not take long,” he said.

MV Kalangala was taken for service in 2015 and it took a period of One and a half years to return which largely affected the district revenue, the number of tourists reduced and many businesses got paralyzed while others had to close.

MV Kalangala is a government-owned vessel that oscillates its transportation services between Entebbe and Kalangala Islands on Lake Victoria.

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