As the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom versus Bisaka believers feuds continue to escalate, the latest we have got is that the kingdom officials have ordered Owobusobozi Bisaka to leave their Kingdom.

Addressing a press conference about the Bisaka believers attack on the Kingdom’s Semwema cultural site on Thursday 13 Feb 2020 in the kingdom palace, Owek Andrew Byakutaaga, the prime minister of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom ordered the leader of the Faith of Unity cult to vacate their land. “Bisaka stays on Kingdom land, we want him to vacate our land.” Said the bitter prime minister.

“What is so much annoying is that he sent his bodyguards, UPDF soldiers to beat up our people. We are condemning this highly and we want sanity to prevail.” He added.

Bisaka however responded pleading to the officials, saying that he never sent any of the believers to attack the cultural site. He promised to pay all the damaged property and kingdom regalia that was destroyed during the fracas.

“The kingdom demands Owobusobozi Bisaka to surrender his followers who participated in attack to security to face the law, the kingdom petitions Chief of Defence Forces to Punish all Bisaka UPDF guards who aided Bisaka followers in the attack by beating King’s subjects and firing live bullets……!”

This saga started on Sunday 8th Feb when the believers of the Faith of Unity cult which is headed by Owobusobozi Bisaka attacked the Kingdom Cultural site on Semwema hill, Kakumiro district condemning the inhabitants of this site for participating in witchcraft and ritualistic tendencies. Scores of people were arrested and cultural artifacts burnt. This has gone on spreading around the kingdom as the subjects demand something to be done to the believers.

On Thursday 13 Feb, a swarm of bees attacked one of the believers family who was also a high priest of the cult and killed their four year old son on spot. The family was admitted to a hospital in the village vicinity where they were treated and are improving.

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