Ugandans on social media have warned Catherine Kusasira against misusing the taxpayers’ money thinking it is NRM money.

Ugandans unleashed their anger on singer Catherine Kusasira for displaying and bragging about what she called  NRM money adding that her days are numbered therefore she had better calm down.

In a video that has been making rounds on social media, Kusasira was seen showing off bundles and bundles of cash she had received from Statehouse and sarcastically telling off haters to wait for their turn so that they can enjoy money like her.

Kusassira who was recently appointed Presidential advisor on Kampala matter said that the NRM she belongs to splashes cash adding that her haters need to wait for their time too.

“This is what they call NRM, you wait for your time to come, you will call us,” Kusasira said.

Some of the responses towards Kusasira’s actions;

Nana Mwafrika Mbarikiwa: How Ugandans continue to tolerate this…is beyond me!

Ronald Sewalu This kind of money circulation is most likely to contribute on the weakening of the value of money ( shilling). So the likes of Kusasira should learn that they’re ignorantly killing our economy through inflation .

Senyonjo M Patrick: Does NRM have any source of income ? The answer is no so the Money Kusasira is boosting of is our money ( we taxpayers ) so time will come when they will be a asked to payback

Wogalo Abraham: I support NRM but this video only can make me change my mind, are we all NRM supporters having that money, we pay our bills painfully, pay taxes and some few of u have money to play with, this so unfair, indeed as you said someday another government will come and help us also, you enjoy this one the rest of will wait……………

Paskal Akiiki : Ooh no! Not nice at all. That is being real reckless. Now if they are attacked by thieves who would they blame?!… Anyway, they need prayers. Our nation too need prayers. It is “OK” let them plunder as they want as they wait for their time to payback, but it not ok to rub it in our faces

Whereas Kusasira found it deem to arrogantly display her money, a section of Ugandans who were not pleased by her actions sent out a warning that her time to suffer is just around the corner.



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