The director of Caring Hearts Uganda who is also the wife to People Power leader Bobi Wine has written an emotional open letter to Chosen Becky upon her belated birthday.

Barbra Itungo took to her social media handles to praise the heroines character the Kyosaba singer has portrayed over time especially for the unwavering care she has continuously given to her parents.

In the well written eloquent letter, Berbie Kyagulanyi goes ahead to tell Becky how her husband Bobi Wine and herself are always glued to the screen whenever she has an interview on any TV, revealing that they are her great fans.

She hints on how Becky should ignore the naysayers, especially those who branded her a village girl because she had posted about Kobe Bryant’s death, saying that she is also a village girl who came to Kampala and has slowly found a way to live.

This letter has attracted much attention as people appreciate such words from a respectable woman.

Below is the letter that she wrote;


Dear Chosen Becky,

Happy belated birthday.

My name is Barbie and I am a fan of your music. I instantly fell in love with your personality the first time I watched your tv interview a year ago and since then, I have been silently following you.
Recently, I sat to watch another of your many interviews where I saw your father and mother clad In red matching attire heading out for a valentine’s dinner date arranged by you. In that interview, I heard your father say that you recently bought him a boda boda and that you have been helping him pay school fees for your siblings. Just right at that point, I wanted to hug you. I instantly did rewind the video, watched it for the second time and silently thanked God for you on behalf of your parents.

Becky, you are indeed “chosen” to be the gum that binds your family together, to restore happiness in your family, to bring pride to your father’s household, to teach your age mates that the right thing to do when one is in a better position in life, is to carry everyone else on their shoulders.

Then I remembered the Kobe Bryant RIP Facebook post where you were branded by commenters “A village girl from Masaka” who has no authority to discuss anything to do with international issues such as that plane crash. Bullies picked daggers and stabbed you from all angles, descended on you with an aim to crush your self esteem by trying to isolate you along urban_ rural upbringing lines. I felt your pain Becky because I know how it feels like to be publicly humiliated on social media by demeaning, demoralising comments.

Becky, you and I are village girls and this is the one thing we have in common. I would wish all village girls who are new in town to gather here and learn. A village girl trying to fit in this city lifestyle first wages war on all small voices in her head which constantly whisper that she is not enough. This girl fights with all her might to keep a high self esteem, she finds council in herself and builds confidence within her. She asks as many questions as she can until she understands what spaghetti is. She chooses a few friends who uplift her, she is slow to get into relationships, she values her job when she has one and she makes sure to pick her village mates or old school mates as a support system. A village girl In town ignores all the rubbish said to pull her down. Ugly remarks about her choice of clothing are not taken in bad faith for she knows her value and dresses accordingly.
When village girls concur the fight in their souls, they become unstoppable! They overcome their fears and face the world with bare knuckles. They outshine their older selves, upgrade, but most importantly they NEVER forget who they are.

From a distance, I see that you were well brought up Becky. You are up for bigger things in life for you are young and talented. It does not matter whether they call you an ignorant village girl, you are on the rise. You are a bright shining star, you came to win! You are a superstar in the making, You are unique and there is only one Chosen Becky on this universe and you have the support of your fellow villagers like myself.
Becky, you are beautiful. You have a young vibrant skin, a genuine smile and you are in an enviable position as a musician. Many young girls look up to you and when you internalize that, you will make the best of a brand you envision. My husband and I never skip your interviews so when you sit before that camera, know that two fans will be watching in cheer. We hope to meet you sometime.
Enjoy your new year.

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By Pius

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