The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has told Parliament that a spray, which instantly kills the Coronavirus has been discovered and is to be co-produced in Uganda.

Parliament was today holding a special sitting where the different Ministries were presenting their Ministerial Policy statements. Kadaga while making her communication to MPs on Monday morning says the spray is expected to get on the market next week.

She says that an American inventor, Prof. Safraz K. Niaz, was in Uganda over the weekend and donated the patent, free of charge to Uganda. Kadaga told the MPs during a debate on the Coronavirus impact that there is hope and the treatment could start in Uganda.

Kadaga says the same professor invented the disinfectant and he is at the centre of the Coronavirus response in the USA. Kadaga says the spray will be manufactured in conjunction with a Ugandan company called Day International.

She says however this does not mean that Uganda should relax from the preparedness of the Coronavirus. Safraz is an expert in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and is also an academician.

According to his profile , Sarfaraz K. Niazi, an adjunct Professor of Pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Illinois . Niaz advises regulatory agencies and creates technology to make medicines more accessible. He reportedly teaches through his  over 50 books, and 100 patents in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical field.

In 2014, Sarfaraz K. Niazi was recognized by the Forbes magazine, as “the most interesting man changing healthcare.”



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