The feud between the two East African leaders looks like it will last for eternity. Rwanda’s Paul Kagame and Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni might be irreconcilable in their remaining days of politics.

The aforementioned narrative follows a tweet made by Paul Kagame where he intentionally declines to mention Yoweri Museveni but dramatically says something about other East African leaders in a health idea themed ‘hand washing challenge’.

It is not clear if the Rwandan leader intended to snub tagging Museveni in his post.

Paul Kagame and Museveni were once comrades who even attended the same secondary school, Ntare in Western Uganda. The two again allied to oust the Milton Obote government in a five year bush war. Kagame earned himself great army ranks in the National Resistance Army before dropping the towel to head back to his own country.

With the support of Museveni, Kagame formed his own Rwandan Patriotic Army which ousted the Habyarimana government in 1994. They maintained a great mutual relationship and in fact organized a Football game in 2001 at Ntare school which the two leaders played before Museveni was interrupted by a phone call from Rukungiri that notified him of Dr. Besigye’s decision to run against him in the 2001 general election. The two leaders would then two decades later fall out over a border dispute that reliably stems from the duo accusing each of supporting rebel activities.

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