Picks from Museveni’s address on Corona

President Museveni has given fresh measures on public transport. Our reporter takes you through some of the comments he has given in his address;

On cargo vehicles

Three people will be allowed on each vehicle (cargo vehicle) getting into the country and they are; the driver, turn boy and some other person.

On porous Border points

We will deploy on porous points along our borders which are about 103. Nobody will be allowed in the country whether on foot or a car.

How the virus spreads

English language is very poor. They don’t have enough words. Sneezing is not enough. Okushoreza in Runyankole…sneezing out (okwetyamula) is what brings out the message we mean.

On the infected person

Did he go with this disease? Health experts have contacted his family members. They’ve been checked and it seems they are in good health. There’s a strong likelihood that he got it from Dubai. They say symptoms can develop in 2 days or later within the 14 days

On greeting gestures

I don’t want anybody to hit me with the elbows. Elbows for what. These are idiotic things. I’ve seen you and greeted you. What else do you want from me? You can see the wisdom of what we did to close schools, churches and political gatherings.

On public transport

The only remaining danger is public transport. People sitting together in buses, taxis. Therefore for now, I appeal to you, if you don’t have your own car, motorcycle or bicycle, don’t use this public transport. Stay at home, where are you going?

Dr. Obuku is now sensible

I saw this young man on TV, Dr. Obuku talking sense for the first time. He said people can postpone that business, it can wait

On buses again

I’ve not banned the buses but I appeal to you to minimise the use of those systems. Do not allow anybody with a flue or cough to board. Have temperature monitors at embarkation and disembarkation points. People should wash hands with disinfectants. Don’t use public transport means if you can.

Students corona break

Students and children who are home please stay in your homes. Don’t go to trading centres. Stop loitering in towns. People survived small pox of 1891 by behaving well

Open working places

Factories, hotels and offices are work places with known people and numbers. Night clubs and bars are ad-hoc, anybody comes at any time. Anybody with a cold, don’t go to the public. Stay home and be managed from there. Isolate yourself even at home, call medical people to check you.

How it spreads

Nose blowing and touching surfaces like doors, car handles, tables. The virus stays on plastic surfaces for 9 days while on metallic its shorter. Every 6 hours, government offices should be disinfected. If you don’t touch your delicate parts (eyes, ears, mouth) the virus may not affect you especially if you wash your hands. Defeating this virus is like our NRA bush war. I will lead you and we defeat this virus.

Dr. Aceng on passengers

The 84 passengers who were on that plane will be called for medical examination. Uganda has 100 hubs countrywide for testing swaps (samples)

Dr. Atwiine

Virus does not spread sexually. It is not yet proven scientifically.

On why they allowed plane passengers to go

Someone on social media asked, when we tested this victim, why did you let others go? Well, we let them go to avoid crowding and congestion. Majority weren’t coming from category one countries. Other people were advised to go home and self quarantine
Everyone is going to be through institutional quarantine. We are wondering how the virus survives the acid in the gut, we need time to find out.

Are hotel owners safe?

Hotel people should be vigilante. Their workers should not be exposed. The workers have to be properly protected with gloves, iron the beddings and wash hands.

More illegal masses and prayers

People sneaking for prayers are at a risk. Avoid mass gathering, limit visitors, avoid burials, please be cooperative. Go to health centres for assessment.

Final comments

In Hubei province, everybody kept home. Here we are making fun of ourselves.

Quarantine to take place in schools

At some point we will use schools to quarantine since children have gone home. Instead of hotels. Some people are superstitious that victims will bring bad luck in schools, no way. I will talk to Maama Janet and her people (Ministry of education). She will get us some schools. Emirates brought all our people and by midnight Entebbe will close. We need to handle these fellows for 14 days. Let’s be tough and defeat this enemy. If we are lousy, we will suffer. Let’s do it the NRA way where the ordinary people become knowledgeable.

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