Dr. Besigye says this virus has made people equal despite their titles. The rich and the poor are now scrambling for the available resources in a quest to stay alive and healthy. Below are the excerpts of his Monday morning Breeze discussion about the pandemic while appearing on the NBS Morning Breeze show;

Individual readiness for the pandemic

The preparedness can be examined from what you do. The first and critical thing is to have effective coordination. An attack must be looked at two levels, the individual response and the community response.

Communal response

At the community level, there must be effective coordination, command and control. You have strategic planning connected to the regional, district and health facilities. I have been checking on this over the last couple of days and the report is not encouraging.

Hypocrisy of the civil society

I have not yet seen the involvement of the civil society and the public sector in this fight. There is a problem of coordination, especially at the district level. We need clear protocols which are not yet there.

Action now

This war will need to be fought on four fronts; Deal with the spread. The messages are being spread but there is no action. This particular government is reputed to provide soap during elections. This is the time for them to do so. We need to do more than just messaging. We need to make available what is communicated in the directives. Make essential commodities available.

Misguided elites

The elites are the most useless people we have in Uganda. Hell should reserve the hottest part for elites. They have the duty to make choices and guide the population to the truth but they are the very people selling themselves like pancakes.

Smokers and alcoholics more vulnerable

Smokers and heavy drinkers should be helped to stop because these greatly affect immunity. One of the least things known to reduce immunity is sugar. Please reduce sugar intake.

Corona infection in context

An infection is like an invasion, it determines how prepared you are or expecting to be attacked

No where to go! We all die or survive here

This has been an equaliser all those fellows who have been running to India for treatment, Europe, and America. They will now run to Kiruddu, Kampala Hospital and face our poorly motivated medical Doctors

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