Aguuda Moses a.k.a Champion of the poor, the Hoima aspiring People Power Member of Parliament has lashed at politicians using the Coronavirus situation to promote their political ambitions.

In his talk to Ekyooto, Aguuda Moses called on all the people in the Hoima municipality and the whole country at large to take the ministry of health precautions very important.

”There is no any shop that sells spare parts of human life. Even though you might be tired of this life because of the situation you’re going through, think about the people around you that you are going to spread the virus on your way to death.

He went ahead to plead with the government to look upon the local people and save the situation.

”Please government, you told us to close schools, we did, you told us to stop movement, we did and now we have closed all businesses but where are you? It’s now time for the government to start rewarding  it’s citizens. If prices are sky rocketing in just a week, how will it be in a month? The government should regulate the prices now. Using spies is not enough. I can’t imagine that disposable masks in Hoima are now at five thousand, salt is at two thousand. The electricity and water bills are still the same. How do you expect the citizens to live in this situation without working?”

Aguuda further thanked the Hoima municipality traders for taking heed to the ministry of health directives of providing water and soap on every shop. He however asked them to think about humanity than money by not hiking prices of goods.

Aguuda Moses is one youth who has swept the Hoima politics by a storm. After graduating from Kyambogo University in 2018, he did not sit to relax. He instead embarked on his political ambition of leading Hoima municipality to parliament. Odds still stand in his favour as there seems to be no stronger candidate daring for the same seat with the incumbent MP Lawrence Bategeka slowly showing no signs of coming back for the seat. He is set to stand in 2021 as a People Power flag bearer.

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