The Ministry of Trade has intervened with some relief measures to deter the total crippling of the Ugandan economy stemming from the Corona pandemic.

In her address to the press today, Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde has given some of her insights into how the economy can be harmonized. Below we give some of the excerpts from her address;

On Alcohol depots

The police are not supposed to close alcohol depots or shops. Bars are the ones that should close because that is where people converge. We have no problem with people buying alcohol and taking it with them to their homes

Hiking food prices

I would like to warn traders to desist on holding goods which results into hiking prices. Gov’t will employ RDCs to head a task force that will ensure that defaulters are dealt with and if they refuse to comply, their licences will be revoked.

On Boda Bodas

Boda Bodas carrying cargo are accepted to work. Police should not confiscate their bikes. The restriction on Bodas is only on carrying a passenger. This is for the safety of oth the passenger and the rider.

Traders in arcades can work

There has been a misconception that traders in malls and arcades are being stopped from working and their shops closed. The restriction on traders that are not selling foodstuffs is only for markets.

Industries and factories should use shifts

I would like to appeal to industries to decongest their factories and allow workers to work in shifts. We are trying to see how their official vehicles can get passes to be able to transport them.

Periodic markets can work without other goods

Periodic markets that happen weekly are suspended. The exception is for those selling foodstuff. The exception stands for normal markets as well.

On utilities

Government is concerned about the cost of utilities especially water and is considering reviewing the rates and also look at the supply system so that we are able to afford it.

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