President Yoweri Museveni has said people in the villages can’t be supported with relief food because they have gardens. “The only people to be supported are those in towns whose businesses have been temporarily closed”. he quoted.

He noticed that the food government started distributing today, 04 March 2020 in Kampala and Wakiso is only for the urban poor affected by coronavirus.

Museveni said some people are mixing emergency food aid with poverty fighting. “We should not mix our old problems with this that is new. You can’t bring the long-standing problem of poverty which is not an emergency and has been around for a very long time.”
“If you mix issues up, you are going to make us fail.” he added.

Museveni says providing relief food is only temporary, short term measure and won’t go beyond 30 days. “Fighting poverty is long term because poverty has always been with us”.  he stressed that Ugandans may lack money but still have food.

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