Recently, The Permanent Secretary of Health Dr Diana Atwine has disclosed that those living in the institutional quarantine centers have started having sex with each other.

“Ugandans are not serious. Some of them who are in quarantine have began having sexual affairs. In Mulago, they  move from one room to another to visit their colleagues. Dr. Diana Atwine said.

“This is one of reasons why some have not been released even after the agreed 14 days of quarantine ended” she added. It is alleged that Museveni has been briefed about the situation.

She also said social distancing is one measure that can curb the spread of the disease, especially among this already-risky group.

However, A section of few individuals have asked Ministry of Health to equip isolated people with condoms since COVID- 19 is not sexually transmitted diseases.

Below are some of the hot comments from social media.  Robert Sengooba- What’s the problem there, sex is part of our fundamental right.

John Ojara Olanya- Is Corona sexually transmitted? Just asking.

Sseruma Keith- Don’t you enjoy it as well when you go back to your homes? Leave us alone.

Danson Tugume-Now what do you expect them to do?

Ezsabu Da Silva- Hahahaha, that’s when nature calls.

Mark Singura- At least there’s a silver lining.

Timo Flavia-So provide them with Condoms.

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