Following the recent saga of distributing 10 billion dollars among Members of Parliament to help them in the fight against Coronavirus, the outspoken priest of Kitanga Catholic parish in Kabale District Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda has come up to declare the Parliament as a den of thieves.

Following his recent post about the coronavirus fund to the MPS, the outspoken priest says at first he did not believe it until it come into reality.

”Parliament has turned into a bunch of thieves that continue to such poor Ugandans in disguise no matter the situation at hand.” he wrote.

”I praise few MPs who have always come up to demonise and reject this kind of money. These are true pro-people MPs, they know this is the time more Ugandans are struck, hungry without food and not earning.” He wrote further.

The priest went ahead to say that this kind of ”highway robbery ” discourages donors who would be willing to help the government.

Father Gaetano has been commenting on various issues that arise from the parliament and this has gained him a number of of followers who are always waiting for his comments about prevailing issues. He became more popular in the 2018 ”Togikwatako” saga where he became a great critic of the government.

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