On Sunday morning 19th April, the Kampala city Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago was awakened by angry residents demanding for food and other amenities.

These stormed his home in Wakaliga and stayed on the gate as the morning drizzle washed them.

The lord mayor could not do anything but to get something to consign to the destitute-turned citizens. According to a post about the same incidence on his Facebook wall, Lukwago says that the national task force has not yet donated any single item in Lubaga South.

Many reports indicate that there is a lot of hunger eating up citizens due to the lockdown. Many Facebook videos show desperate citizens begging from any good Samaritan to save their souls.

The national task force that is in charge of distributing relief items mainly distributed to those living in Kampala Metropolitan area and has not yet yielded deserving services according to different leaders from the various areas in Kampala.

According to the most recent presidential address where he extended the lockdown to more 21 days, the relief items were to be given to the citizens who had been involved in the ”hands to mouth” (lejaleja) type of activities.

In his first address of COVID19 that started the lockdown, President Museveni warned any member trying to supply any relief item to the citizens, saying that such an action would lead to a crime of attempted murder.

However some leaders have still tried to reach out to the desperate citizens despite the consequences. The people power leader Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi has involved Boda Boda men to deliver food relief to the vulnerable people across the country, connecting them with supermarkets where they would get the orders.

Member of Parliament Zaake Butebi, Kampala city councillor Muhammad Segirinya, Hon. Lutamaguzi, and many others have also kept supplying relief to their people in any way possible.

Many companies, individuals and organizations are still donating relief items to the national task force but the country is yet to see any result from the task force.

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