The date, May 10 may forever be marked on the Ugandan calendar and perchance at some point will be declared a public holiday.

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Bobi Wine made his first massive appearance back on stage and this time round it was on digital space. Our reporter takes you through five key things that Ugandans won’t forget about this mothers day special night.

Museveni’s aides are Bobi diehards

In the digital audience, several of Museveni’s top officials including ministers and senior advisers were interestingly following Bobi Wine’s show. Our attention is drawn to the senior presidential press secretary Don Wanyama who recently fumed at Bobi’s flaring fame on global media. Wanyama was surprisingly among the 30,000 live viewers and watched history being made as his boss’ nemesis set an unrivalled record when he surpassed Museveni’s 8,000 online Facebook views in just one night. We believe Wanyama will hold back and withdraw his recent fuss over Bobi’s unmatched fame.

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New age, same old Bobi

Bobi Wine has continued to sweeten like fine wine. The more it ages, the sweeter it tastes. With all those years off stage, Bobi Wine has continued to inspire and flourish. The musician cum politician impressed his audience with his artistic creativity. He perfected the hit tunes of his fellow artistes; Mowzey Radio and Herman Basudde when he perfected their songs.

Bobi is patriotic

While other artistes are looking at the monetary way to sail out of the lockdown, Bobi Wine dis the show at a totally zero cost and made it accessible to all who could afford data. It is of no surprise that the show was the most streamed on the Sunday night.

Bobi Wine is a people’s personal person

From the comments section on his Facebook page, one can rule that Bobi Wine is widely endeared by all generations. The way people craved to willingly pay for the show is a signal itself that Bobi Wine is naturally rewarded.

Museveni’s notes are no more

In as much as Museveni’s current strategies would have worked best back in the 1980’s, the online show projects that the notes can’t work in this social media digital age. It is obvious knowledge that Museveni of course couldn’t wish for such a show to happen but his old radical means would not disperse the 30,000 convened viewers including his own advisers. Museveni could not teargas the audience to disperse. The show therefore leaves Museveni as 80’s youth trying to be trendy on the 21st century yet he doesn’t suit there.

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