Dozens of investors, private sector players, institutions and individuals have contributed towards the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

According to a document Ekyooto has seen from the ‘National Response to Covid-19’ through the office of the Prime minister, the ‘National Response to Covid-19’ has shameless asked citizens to give part of their monthly payroll of UGX 10,000 per month for the two months of May and June per individual to support the cause. It should be noted that of recent, donations have reduced from Ugandans who were donating willingly towards the Covid-19 task force due to failures by the entity to provide proper accountability.

A letter from the office of the prime minister

In particular, the President appealed to investors, who run close to 5,000 industries, to contribute brand new four-wheel-drive vehicles to boost the Ministry of Health fleet.

The Government budget for the Covid-19 response is about 77.8 million dollars.

Donations have come from investors (both domestic and foreign), other private sector players, institutions and individuals. The donations includes vehicles, cash, personal protective equipment, food and non-food supplies.

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A list compiled by Minister in charge of General Duties in the Office of the Prime Minister, which is collecting donations for the national Covid-19 response, has dozens of donors, many of which are investors licensed by Uganda Investment Authority. The list is getting longer and longer by the day.

Below are some of the donations:

▪︎Tian Tang Group – 2 vehicles

▪︎Chinese factories (Mabala Mabel – Mukono – joint contribution of two pickup trucks and 20 tonnes of maize meal worth 71,767 dollars.

▪︎Southern Range Nyanza (Nytil, textile manufacturer) – UGX100 million, 1,000 pairs of bed sheets, 10,000 locally manufactured facemasks)

▪︎SCD (manufacturers of Darling hair/beauty products) – UGX 200 million

▪︎Hariss International (Riham products) – 1 ambulance

▪︎Modern Group (Jinja) – UGX100 million

▪︎Yogi Steels Goup – UGX150 million

▪︎Techno Ltd. – UGX 200 million.

▪︎Sunbelt Industries – USD 30,000 (UGX114 million)

▪︎Mulwana Group of Companies – 2 ambulances

▪︎Tembo Steel – 1 pickup Vehicle

▪︎Dott Services – 1 pickup vehicle

▪︎Kaliro Sugar – 500 bags of sugar

▪︎Rwenzori Bottling Company – 30 cartons of bottled water

▪︎Crown Beverages Ltd. (Pepsi) – UGX700 million, 100 cartons of bottled water

▪︎Crest Foam Mattresses – 200 pieces of mattresses

▪︎Rose Foam mattresses – 200 pieces of mattresses

▪︎Euro Foam mattresses – 100 pieces of mattresses

▪︎Comfoam mattresses – 60 pieces of mattresses

▪︎Uganda Breweries – 60 pieces of mattresses

▪︎Nile Breweries – 25 tons of maize flour, fuel

▪︎Royal Foam Mattresses – 200 pieces of mattresses

▪︎Century Bottling Company (Coca-Cola) – 30 cartons of bottled water and an assortment of non-food supplies

▪︎Skin Guard Cosmetics – 100 cartons of sanitizers

▪︎Movit Products – 200 cartons of hand wash soap, 200 cartons of toilet soap

▪︎Mega Industries – 100 boxes of bar soap

▪︎Stabex Gas – gas cylinders worth UGX20 million

▪︎Baraj Group of Companies – 1000 litres of sanitizers

▪︎Sarrai Group – supplies worth UGX 300 million (20,000 kilogrammes of sugar, 5,000 bags of wheat flour, 10,000 bars of soap and 10,000 litres of sanitizers)

▪︎Abacus Pharmaceuticals – 3,000 pieces of Dexto sanitizers, 3,000 normal saline, 2,010 ringers, 1,000 fluids, 1,000 packets of paracetamol, 17,000 pieces of black soap.

▪︎Sinohydro Corporation Limited – cooking oil, maize flour, mobile phones

▪︎Bluewave Bottling Company – 400 Cartons of bottled water

▪︎Doditor Group – 400 facemasks, sanitizers

▪︎Madhvani Group of Companies – 200 pieces of mosquito nets, motor vehicles

▪︎Cho King International Construction Company – 200 blankets

▪︎United Band of Africa (UBA Bank) – USD150,000 (UGX570 million)

▪︎Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) staff – USD 100,000 (UGX 380 million)

▪︎World Bank Uganda – UGX57 billion

▪︎United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) – ICT equipment

▪︎United Bank of Africa – USD100 (UGX380 million)

▪︎Housing Finance Bank – personal protective equipment (PPE)

▪︎Development Finance Corporation of Uganda (dffcu) Bank – UGX70 million in cash and UGXU30m towards improving hygiene – 5,000 non-sterile gloves, 2.500 liters of detergents, 2,500 litres of sodium hydrochloride solution and 2,000 bars of soap.

▪︎Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) – UGX250 million

▪︎Stanbic Bank – UGX 100 million, 5,000 gloves 5000, and UGX 55 million for fuel

▪︎Standard Chartered Bank – UGX 100 million

▪︎Buganda Kingdom – UGX 100 million

▪︎Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom – UGX 60 million

▪︎Seyani Brothers – UGX 50 million

▪︎Kireka Local Council 1 – UGX 1 million

▪︎Ham Foundation – UGX 100 million

▪︎S. K. Mbuga (individual donor) – 40 tonnes of food

▪︎Coffee – USD 40,000 (UGX 152M)

▪︎House of Prayer Ministries International – UGX100 million

▪︎Japan Auto Motors – 8 Vehicles and 100 Cartons of bottled water

▪︎Government of India – 2 ambulances

▪︎People’s of Republic of China – 2 ambulances

▪︎Ruparelia Group of Companies – 2 vehicles

▪︎Huawei – Video conferencing equipment for Ministry of Health

▪︎Knight Frank (real estate managers) – 60 pieces of mattresses

▪︎NC Bank – 60 pieces of mattresses

▪︎Sprout Investments – 200 pieces of mattresses

▪︎Uganda Insurers Association – 1000 blankets

▪︎Shell Vivo – 1000 bed sheets

▪︎Indian Association in Uganda – 500 pieces of personal protective equipment, 30,000 gloves, 200 litres of liquid soap, 90 facemasks, 1,200 containers of hand sanitizers.

▪︎People Power political group– 50 bags of maize flour, 30 cartons of salt, 30 cartons of soap

▪︎Airtel – internet data

▪︎MTN – sending messages

▪︎World Vision – USD 1 million (UGX3.8 billion) – non-food supplies

▪︎Uganda Association of External Recruitment Agencies – 30,000 gloves

▪︎Huawei – video conferencing equipment to the ministry of health

▪︎Alibaba (Jack Ma) – consignment of medical equipment (100,000 masks, 20,089 test kits, face shields and other personal protective equipment); second round of donation coming

▪︎Chinese road construction companies – joint contribution of medical supplies and other items like hand sanitizers, mattresses, mosquito nets, blankets and boxes of bottled water.

▪︎Jumia (online sales platform) – 30,000 facemasks

▪︎Total Uganda in partnership with Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) and Stanbic Bank  – fuel worth UGX120 million

▪︎Total Group (Total E&P and Total Uganda) – USD70,000 (UGX270 million)

It should also be noted that this list doesn’t include loans acquired by the Ugandan government like that of $491.5M from IMF and the 600 Euro from EU.

Surprisingly, the government hasn’t served even 300,000 homes with food relief in the two districts of Kampala and Wakiso for the last two months since the lockdown.

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