In a letter, Shanice-Hills Nakato wants to become a judge and her twin brother Shawn wants to become a prime minister but she’s more concerned, worried and bothered at the same time! She wants to know whether Swawn is going to be beaten, mishandled and imprisoned to become a future leader.

“I receive many letters from different people and try to respond to as many as I can. Here is my response to a letter I received from one kid called Shanice-Hills Nakato” Bobi Wine said in a preamble.

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“Dear Nakato,

I truly appreciate you for your letter, and I am very sorry for taking long to respond. As you can imagine, I receive countless letters, text messages and emails every week. I receive correspondences from kids like you who are ambitious but scared of the future; from soldiers who write to assure me that they stand with the people; from health workers who tell me about their frustrations working so hard without the necessary equipment and yet getting very little pay, from mothers who have nothing to feed their children on, etc.

When I read your letter, it struck a chord.

You want to become a judge in future and I have a sense that you are working very hard to achieve that dream. Respected past and present judges in Uganda were all one time like you. Most of them have had humble backgrounds, but through hard work and tenacity, they were able to rise to prominent roles in judicial service. Examples of these are Justice George Wilson Kanyeihamba, Justice James Munange Ogoola, Lady Justice Julia Sebutinde and Lady Justice Ssolome Bbosa. If you find some time, please read their profiles.

I also hope that as you dream to become a judge in future, you are motivated by the pursuit for justice, fairness and equality. The Bible charges us in Deuteronomy 16:18- “Justice, justice, you shall pursue.”

Many judicial officers in Uganda and elsewhere have abandoned these virtues to their detriment and that of society. In many instances, justice is for sale. Widows and orphans are deprived of their rights. Victims of rape and defilement are left crying as their violators go scotfree. That is why we take pride in those judges who still stand on the timeless values of judicial calling. That is why I encourage you to work very hard and become a judge, so that you contribute to the change that we seek.

As for your twin brother Shawn, I want you to tell him that it is a beautiful thing to dream big. His dream of becoming a Prime Minister is valid and he should not be discouraged by the challenges we go through today.

You ask, “Is Shawn going to be beaten, mishandled and imprisoned in order to become a future leader?” This is a very poignant question. It should bring shame to those who perpetrate these evils. My friend Hon. Francis Zaake was recently brutalised and he is only beginning to fully regain his eyesight!

I have often asked this question to those who rule over our country, “What are we teaching our children?” That you ask me this question is evidence of how the actions of our police and military affect our children psychologically and emotionally.

But Shawn should not be discouraged. He should not be dismayed. I am hopeful that by the time he grows up to qualify to become Prime Minister, the situation in our country will have changed. We are doing everything we can, in every possible way, to see that this change comes about in a short time. It should never be criminal for anyone to dream of becoming a future leader. As we struggle day and night and pass through incredible challenges, our struggle is about ensuring that our children like you, inherit a society where anyone can become anything as long as they set their minds to it and work hard to achieve it.

Greetings to your parents. Continue working hard and trusting God. I am optimistic that one time, I’ll meet you guys in person.

Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert, MP”

Bobi Wine’s response to a kid’s letter reflects and demonstrates well the true qualities of a good leader who doubles as an inspiration for the future generation.

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