The Masaka hospital director, Dr. Nathan Onyachi has appealed to the Ministry of health to at least ease their work by off-loading what he terms as ‘idle’ asymptomatic patients who amply spend time on WhatsApp and music while in hospital wards.

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Dr. Onyachi says the hospital is nearly overwhelmed with 19 out of 20 hospital beds already occupied by the said COVID 19 cases. “We appeal to the health ministry to consider treating ome of the patients from home,” Dr. Onyachi says. “They spend a great deal of their ward time on WhatsApp and playing loud music,” he adds.

Onyachi notes that most of their admitted cases are mainly youths below 35 years who have a lot of excitement about life. “The patients we have especially youths below 35years are spending most of the time in the ward playing music and dancing which has shot up our utility bills,” reveals Dr. Onyachi. “Such people can be monitored from their homes and we remain with patients who show serious signs, those in advanced age and are on drugs or suffering other serious ailments,” he adds.

Dr. Onyachi’s remarks corroborate with the findings of NBS journalist, Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira who noted from one of the Covid case he spoke to; who reiterated that they are being kept in isolation despite not showing a single sign of Covid. “These people don’t sneeze, neither do they have a fever,” Bashir said. The same observation was today reflected in the remarks of veteran Journalist Tamale Mirundi who labelled the whole crisis as a money heist for the Health Ministry after it was observed that what Uganda spends on one Covid patient can be spent on 50 in Kenya.

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