The newly appointed overall National Mobiliser and Coordinator of the People Power movement attained his education at Kawempe Muslim Secondary school and joined Makerere University graduating with a BSc. Degree in Chemistry and Biology.

While at University he joined Students’ Politics and was the chairperson of the Uganda Young Democrats (2003).

Kidandala and Politics 

His first assignment was to organise leadership in the UYD Nationally; Groom, Identity and Nature Youths into leadership.

He became Lord Councillor of Kawempe North Constituency and resultantly was overwhelmingly voted by the Council as the first Deputy Lord Mayor of Kampala city with the support of Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

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He served as the Deputy National Organising Secretary of the Democratic party and In 2015 he became the National Organising Secretary of the Democratic party, a position he holds upto today.

He has been at the Apex of recruiting, identifying and grooming leaders across the whole country He has varied experience of over 15 years in Structuring political organisations

Kidandala and People Power

The Dp Stalwart has been a Vanguard in advocating for change in the country and highly participated in the Kyadondo Byelection that saw a landslide victory for Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert (Bobi wine )

He has worked tirelessly with People Power leadership in all byelections including Bugiri, Hoima, Arua, Jinja which shaped the Movement.

He has Overtly and Covertly executed roles in the People Power Movement until recently when he was given a big assignment as the Overall Mobiliser and Coordinator of The People Power Movement.

Among his assignments for the new JOB:

  • Organising and Structuring the People power movement
  • Over see the work of all Coordinators
  • To recruit and register new members of the movement and spot special talents in the field of politics
  • In charge with identifying candidates for elective positions in the country.

With his vast experience and movements to all corners of the country , districts and constituencies for Presidential , Parliamentary and Local government elections and Byelections, Kidandala is a big deal and an asset to the people Movement.

His personality is also fully fledged with Interpersonal Skills and team work. He’s a great performer and his simplicity in character attracts many people towards him from all walks of life.

The People Power Movement has a wide nucleus and membrane to cruise through and win the 2021 election. The appointment of such a talent, a character, a team player and a great leader is not something to be taken lightly.

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