From the time he released the original coronavirus alert song, Bobi wine alias Robert Kyagulanyi immediately hit global stage with thousand social media post commending the great message and solidarity from the pop star-turned presidential material.

The song indeed had strong words that up to now still stand indelible in the fight against Covid-19. “The bad news is that everyone is a potential victim but the good news is that everyone is a potential solution” where the few but phenomenal words that made the song a blockbuster to even playing on Cable News Network (CNN)’s  news bulletin. It went ahead to brand him as one of the Covid-19 heroes by CNN Africa as well as an i4policy ambassador. We should not also forget that the Rwandan government offered 5,000 US dollars to any one who translated it to Kinyarwanda.
Ugandan Musician Ykee Benda requested to translate the song but he was deemed late since the Rwandan boys were faster than him.

Bobi Wine has hit back yet again with a great remix of this song with all artists that will leave your soul soothing as producer Sir Dan Magic proves his musical prowess with the best beats for all the 8 minutes and 57 seconds. The song has such immense impact on your soul that you will find yourself smiling for no reason. Well, there is actually a reason.

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Together with other 18 great Ugandan Artists, many languages were not left out such that the North had Coco Finger, the West with Figo West, the East by Laxzy Movers and so many others from Central.

The sensational voices in this song will have you put it on repeat and request all telecommunication networks to set it as your caller tune. Hopefully they comply.

Away from the lousy beats of some other several artists and the lyrical immaturity in their songs, the lyrics and voices in this brand new remix will have you touch your chest to feel how your heart receives the salving echoes from your ears.

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It was released on Sunday by Bobi Wine himself and as expected, thousands flocked the his YouTube channel within one hour it was already with tens of thousands of views.

Away from his own YouTube channel, several other channels have already posted it, as well as many on social media. However much this impedes the number of people who would view directly from his official channel, Bobi wine is not bothered. As he has always said, he plays his music for the community.

I’m sure you might have already landed on this song somewhere, and if you haven’t, alas! You’re missing out. You can watch it as many times as you want through this link.

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