Ms. Jennifer Bako, a resident of Arua who was earlier assaulted by a member of the Local Defence Unit (LDU) officer has given birth to a premature baby.

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Ms Bako, a resident of Onduparaka in Arua town is still striving for her life at the maternity wing of Arua Regional Referral Hospital where she gave birth to a premature baby on Monday, June 8.

The errant LDU officers assaulted her on a the fateful Sunday, June 7 morning at the Onduparaka bridge roadblock. Bako was battered as she advanced to Oli Health Center IV for antenatal check up. After being assaulted by the LDU soldier, she blacked out and was abandoned helpless at the bridge.

Well wishers picker her up and managed to take her to Arua Central Police Station to register a case. According to reports, the case was registered on file number CRB 9/7/6/2020.

Weak and emotionally depressed, Bako collapsed while at the police station, and was rushed to Health Center lll for first aid care.
However her condition deteriorated further and she was rushed to Arua Hospital and operated.
Resulting into the premature removal of her baby which currently is lying in an incubator.

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According to her husband Mr Ecima Bashir, Ms Bako’s back is reportedly to broken as her bones got fractured at the time of the battering.
“We have not received any help from anywhere. I have to struggles to make ends meet single between my bedridden wife and the children at home, says Ecima.”
‘Neither has the LDU who assaulted her been apprehended by the authorities nor any government official come in aid of my wife struggling with pain, he added.’ Our efforts to reach the top security leadership at Arua CPS turned fruitless but a low ranking officer told this site that Bako was advised to chill the case if she is to have a peaceful life.

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