The police spokesperson, Fred Enanga has ordered for the arrest of the People Power and People’s Government supremos, Bobi Wine and Besigye respectively over allegedly flouting covid guidelines from the Ministry of Health.

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Enanga stresses that the two did not notify the health Ministry prior to holding their political gathering that took place on Tuesday at Rose Gardens in Wakiso. Enanga says meetings of the sort concentrate and aid the spread of the deadly Corona virus which places the lives of other Ugandans at stake. “We did not instantly arrest the two leaders, Bobi Wine and Besigye but we’ve asked them to record statements with the Wakiso police station,” said Enanga. “They did not notify the Ministry of Health before holding the gathering and yet this directly flouts the existing rules about COVID-19,” he added.

Enanga also accuses the two leaders of undermining government efforts to combat covid. “The two have not recognised our existing fight against the virus. For now we take the lives of Ugandans as a priority. It’s not time for politics,” Enanga told the media.

The FDC spokesperson, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has trashed Enanga’s remarks saying they are not applicable at all. “We are not yet at that covid level which the NRM government is trying to assume,” reacts Ssemujju. “How come when we convened a parliament budget session of over 500 legislators, police did not deploy to distort the session,” he added.

Enanga has insisted that they are likely to issue arrest warrant for all the opposition leaders who took part in the Monday press conference. “We may be compelled to use force if these politicians don’t heed to our summons,” warns Enanga.

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