People Power presidential contender for the 2021 polls, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has assured Ugandans that he is to win with a landslide 75% margin. Speaking from his Magerere residence during a Wednesday morning interview televised live on NBS TV journalist with Simon Kaggwa Njala as the host, Bobi rallied his followers not to lose hope in the 2021 polls. Below, our reporter originally sources some of the interesting picks from the tenth president’s remarks;

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Picks from the NBS interview

Bobi Wine: I don’t talk politics, I talk reality. I am ready for an election as prescribed by the law. There is no scientific election.

Bobiwine: Ugandans need to understand what their Electoral Commission is. They need to know that in this situation, we have a dictator who has been playing around. President Museveni is now facing a generation and dynamics he has never faced before. This is close to a coup.

Bobi Wine: Unless the EC lives on Mars, they should be aware of what is going on. People are packed and going on with their usual business. This is the same EC that connived with security officials to stop our consultations

Bobi Wine: They are not going to play us for fools this time around. They will not take us for a ride. When they close the door, we use the window. As we speak, our comrades are consulting. We are going in for a real election. Many other countries are having elections this year. People must have the freedom to interact with contestants. How do you vote for someone you have never seen or interacted with? This is a joke.

Bobi Wine: The media doesn’t effectively reach 30% of the population. A bad election is more dangerous to Uganda than #COVID19. I am warning those old men not to mess us up. They are putting our country in danger

Bobi Wine: The majority of TV and radio stations are owned by regime apologists. This is not about balance because you can never push a dictator. As soon as the EC came out with this nonsense, the media quickly came in to make it sound rosy.

Museveni is at his weakest point. I dare him to a real election. Any candidate comfortable with this joke of a scientific election is working with him. Our mission is to take off Museveni. We are not joking.

Bobi Wine: We need servant leadership as soon as yesterday. I want to be the president of Uganda. I am the glue that unites everyone. We have had engagements with very many people, not just the People’s Government.

Bobi Wine: The entire world should put their eyes on Uganda. As Ugandans, we should watch our steps. Don’t be fooled by the EC. Uganda must defy that information from the EC. They are our servants and not our bosses. Justice Byabakama should know that he is in a very sensitive position. I don’t want to be politically correct. I say it as it is.

I am ready for an election as prescribed by the law. There is no ‘scientific election’. – Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine: I am here to put an end to the dictatorship. I have no business staying MP when Uganda is still under a dictatorship. This is not about me, Kyadondo was there before I was born. I just have to accomplish my mission now. I am here for a purpose.

Bobi Wine: We feel like we are already winning because our biggest mission was to open up the minds of the people. We might face many challenges but be sure that Ugandans cannot turn back. Museveni cannot change the course of history.

Bobi Wine: We shall rally Uganda to take part in everything that will bring about change. We must be seen as people here to free Ugandans. Even this lockdown is political. #COVID19 has been politicized. Museveni doesn’t care whether we live or die provided he stays in State House.

Bobi Wine: Our oppression and pain have opened our eyes. Museveni is trying to stop the campaigns because he knows we shall shame him. He has seen our support. He is now using the money to buy politicians, religious leaders, and everyone.

Bobi Wine: Don’t condition us to what you know. We are here to break chains. We came to demystify what has been the norm. Ultimately, the final decision is with the people of Uganda. They say it is about money because that is all they know. We know God blessed us with a connection with the people.

Bobi Wine: We do not pay people to support us. We don’t pay them to demand better schools and healthcare. I pity those who tag the struggle to money because they shall be shocked.

Bobi Wine: Our stronghold is with the people. We are going for an election by law. To the people of Uganda do not be hoodwinked and lied to. Seek your own truth.

Bobi Wine: Connect with the people around you and pass on the message. Do not be shocked if Museveni wakes up and says no more elections. This is about you. The parliament, courts, religious leaders, and media will not save you. You have to save yourself by seeing the the truth.

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