The arrest of the four Bizonto Comedy members is based on a video skit that is trending on different media platforms where the comedians are addressing tribalism practiced by Museveni government. They are currently at CPS Naguru undergoing interrogation.

According to Kidomoole aka Sabazonto, he consulted before recording this comedy video and was OK since it talks about government officials that children need to know.

The DICTATOR IS IN PANIC! Bobi Wine writes:

Artists are causing him sleepless nights. The attack on the art industry clearly shows how scared they are. The artists have realised the power of their voices and are using them positively.

Our brothers Gerald Kiweewa and the #BizontoComedyGroup are now under illegal detention because the regime thinks intimidation will silence us. So scared the regime is of artists that they have yet again brought more stringent regulations which are clearly intended to muzzle those of us who use art to propagate the truth.

Tribalism in one picture


Uganda Electricity Distributing Company staffs. All from one region

This is the time for all of us artists and creators to rise up and stand for our rights. The regime thinks they can intimidate us by arresting some of us, but this is the time to realize that we are and have always been on our own. I guarantee you, when artists come together as one, there is nothing they cannot achieve.

Let us all do what we can and see that these brothers are released unconditionally!

We are not a generation that can be silenced. When people speak about social injustice you do not silence them- you address the problem! And this is the point these colleague artistes are making. I salute them for standing in solidarity with our brothers, #BizontoComedians.

This is a revolution!

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