Private laboratories has been blocked from carrying out Coronavirus testing, The Health Ministry announced.  This emerge after some people claimed to have received two different results slips, one indicating positive and the other negative.

Others claim to have taken two different samples on the same day and these give different results.

“Regarding the first claim, we have noted serious forgery of test result certificates by sections of the public for reasons best known to them. The Ministry of Health strongly condemns this act,” Aceng said last week.

To address this issue, the Laboratory department developed unique identifiers for the results slips to differentiate them from the fake ones.

“I advise you to look out for the following features in order to authenticate your result;  the signature of the manager of the testing lab, name of the testing lab, stamp of the testing lab and QR code.”

The result must be traceable in the MOH data base.

“The public is advised that upon receiving your results, scan the QR code with your phone if you have a QR scanner, it should display your name, the lab number, date of sample testing and the testing lab. This will authentic the testing laboratory and your results as truly yours.”

Regarding the second complaint, difference may arise from the sampling technique and the amount of sample removed.

“However, the public is advised that if you test positive for COVID 19 whether you have signs and symptoms or not, we encourage you to take the test as truly positive and take all the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the disease,” Aceng explained.

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