The Ministry of International affairs has this morning in a presser held at the Uganda Media Centre announced the indefinite suspension of the ‘Bryan White Foundation’, an NGO operated by renowned city socialite, Brian Kirumira alias Brian Whyte.

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The NGO Bureau spokesperson, Patrick Onen said that they have been closely monitoring the operations of the troubled Bryan White Foundation and established a few loopholes that are still pending a probe by parliamentary human rights committee. A letter dated May, 26, 2020 from the Vice Chairperson of the Human Rights committee of parliament expressed concerns regarding the founding member, Brian Whyte who was being investigated for aggravated sexual offences raised by some of his distressed employees.

“Following the concerns and in exercise of its mandate, the NGO Bureau proceeded to undertake investigations into the operations of the Organisation,” Onen stated.

In their findings, they realised that there has never been any single beneficiary of the fraudulent Bryan White Foundation and its objectives are even unclear. The foundation also lacks clear leadership structures and formal internal documentation.

Brian Whyte came under fire after some of his ex employees, Stella Nandawula and a one Vivian Mutands took to social media to expose the rot and sexual misconduct of the socialite. Trouble escalated and more girls came out confessing to have been used by Mr. Kirumira. Parliament drew interests in the matter and instituted a probe into the conduct of the socialite. As the world narrowed for Mr. Kirumira with his name screaming across media headlines, the socialite faked an illness to draw public sympathy. He has since maintained that silent life as his name slowly fades out of the media.

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