NBS News Chief Editor, Joyce Bagala has today morning resigned her media position to concentrate on her new political journey under the National Unity Platform party. In a Thursday morning statement, Bagala penned in her resignation which was approved by the NBS human resource office.

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Bagala who at the beginning of the week got approved by the NUP vetting committee to represent the Mityana people as the woman MP is sending shockwaves to NRM Minister, Judith Nabakooba who according to reliable reports is considering sitting the media guru down for round table talks. According to reports, Nabakoba in her campaign trail is urging the electorate not to deny the district a Minister in case they vote for Joyce Bagala. Nabakoba directly tells people that is she is not reelected then Mityana will not have a Minister again.

But on ground, our findings reflect that the voters are not happy with the incumbent Nabakooba over her self centredness as the district dwells in daily stinking poverty. Mityana is one the most impoverished districts in Buganda where the youths swim in the vast sea of unemployment. Despite having two incumbent Ministers; Nabakooba and Ssuubi Kiwanda Godfrey of tourism, the district has not gained anything from the duo. People attribute their poverty to Mr. Museveni’s government which has frustrated their efforts to reap from coffee which is a dominant cash crop in the area.

It is perhaps for that reason that Minister Kiwanda sensed doom ahead and opted to drop out of the 2021 polls. Voters have already urged Nabakooba to do the same having failed to deliver in her outgoing tenure. But the former police spokesperson stubbornly believes she can make another magical comeback.

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