The People Power movement that swept through all corners of the country has left the powerhouse shifted from the once selling hotcake of the FDC (Najjanankumbi) to now a downscale Kamwokya. Several critics and political pundits had earlier had earlier prophesied doom for Bobi Wine and his spontaneous wave but when the Kyadondo East legislator uniquely rebranded and morphed his entity into a fully registered political party, it left most of them folding their tails and swallowing their prophesy. Even senior politicians like Betty Nambooze who earlier despised Kyagulanyi’s leadership tendencies have since been absorbed into the new party.

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NUP as a young party has an agenda clearly known by all Ugandans and that’s none other than dislodging Museveni from his 35 year throne. But the how question is what has left people scratching heads. Kyagulanyi’s approach is quite different from the opposition FDC party that has challenged Museveni in the past elections. Unlike FDC, Kyagulanyi is very confident that the ballot paper will give Ugandans their well deserved change. But of course like many have reiterated, an election held and announced by Museveni’s appointed EC cannot deny him victory and announce an opponent. Already a precedent has been set with how they’ve sat on the academic document files of their senior, Museveni but hurriedly published Kyagulanyi’s credentials when Mabirizi lodged in a petition. To any sober mind however, the election could just create a spark for defiance.

This defiance can take course if all Ugandans agree unanimously that the polls have been rigged by Mr. Museveni and his state machinery. Hitting the streets would be a better option and this if not monopolized to Kampala or major Buganda cities but rather elsewhere in other regions, the security forces (UPDF, police, prisons, etc) which comprise about less than 1% of the population can be overwhelmed by the numbers. One NUP activist, Musiri David states that, “if voting would really change anything, they would make it illegal. However, we are only there to justify defiance.” From our observation, Museveni needs the opposition to legitimize his pseudo democracy so he can still be christened a darling by the west which funds him. If Kyagulanyi is ready to give Ugandans the change they’ve longed for, he should not replicate the mistakes made by the FDC in the past 20 years.

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