There is a looming row within the armed forces following a salary hike pledge by presidential contender Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert. According to reports from several police and army barrack, low ranking police officers, soldiers and prisons service officers are considering supporting Bobi Wine as they stress that he understands their individual hustles.

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While launching his manifesto, Kyagulanyi promised to raise the salary of police officers, soldiers and all armed forces with the lowest ranking getting at least Shs1m. He also promised to cater for the education of children of these servicemen from elementary school to university and other higher tertiary institutions as a way of recognising their patriotic work for the nation.

Bobi’s pledge however compelled the first son, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba who hurriedly rushed to Twitter and downplayed the it after noting that it would incite the armed forces against his father’s regime.

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Reacting on Bobi’s pledges, economists say that all this is achievable since the implementation alone would cost tje new government nearly Shs250b. Upon victory, Bobi intends to trim the number of districts in a bid to cut unnecessary expenditure on legislators. Once voted to power, Kyagulanyi also pledged to reduce the number of cabinet minister and also suspend the office of the RDC and allocate the money to welfare and essential infrastructure.

Police structure

Special Police Constable and Police Constable to Shs1m.
There are two categories of the lowest ranking officers – Police Constable, who are permanent, while Special Police Constables are hired on a temporary basis, but often work for a two-year period or more with law enforcement agencies.
There are around 6,000 Special Police Constable in the country and each earns Shs375,200 a month, which translates into Shs27b annually.
Police also has around 30,000 police constables (including those that are being recruited now) with each earning between Shs466,933 and Shs497,748 depending on the years of service.

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