NRM leaning musician, Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has asked the Ministry of Health to be considerate on opening bars urgently stressing that the covid spread rate in bars is minimal.

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Speaking in an interview on NBS TV, the ever offside musician argued that in bars, people use alcohol which is a good sanitiser that kills the virus.

“The possibility of getting COVID-19 in a bar is less than the possibility of getting COVID in a Church,” Bebe Cool said. He added  that, “Sanitizers are made from alcohol. In bars people are drinking alcohol. Where does COVID attack someone from?”.

His cry comes moments after government relaxed sanctions on some of the businesses that have been under lockdown since March this year. Om Monday, the ministry announced that cinema halls, sports betting centres, massage parlours be opened. Also the public gatherings were broadenes from 70 to 200 people attendance.


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