The verbose and strong-willed human rights defender Annete Namata alias Nana Nwafrika Mbarikiwa has rejected the UGX 35 million compensation for the brutality she faced in the hands of the Uganda Police in April last year, 2019.

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According to this firebrand rights defender, the Uganda police force is just trying to do good ‘PR’ for its ‘stinking’ institution. “They do not want to bring their errant officers to book. And they are doing the compensation for formality,” Nana told this reporter. “Our lives have no worth. This tendency of inflicting harm on innocent citizens and rewarding them with money must stop. There is no amount worth a life of any Ugandan,” she insists.

In her rejection justification, an infuriated Nana strains that even the $8000 damages cannot match the hefty hospital bills slapped on her at the time her uterus was operated. The outspoken government critic says she had to sacrifice her uterus to save her young baby who was born prematurely. Todate, the said officer; Constable Alupo Margaret remains at large with no hopes of bringing her to the court dock to face justice.

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Any win against them is a WIN, I/We won the case Nana Vs Attorney General Uganda.

Thank you all for standing with me. Stick by me please. It’s not over until they get it!.

My editing of thought about Judge Musa Sekaana’s ruling in my case against Uganda Police Force, differs alittle from The New Vision . Just a bit, but important to note.

I maintain it was never about the money but Human Rights of the Human Ugandan. Yes damages are crucial still and won’t give up on that too.

I want JUSTICE that works for all Ugandans. Don’t Torture me to pay me, you might be too broke for my value!
Please read my stand on the court ruling bellow.

I thank Judge Musa Sekaana for his ruling BUT,….The honourable court did not fully appreciate the gravity of the actions of the Uganda Police Force, in broad daylight, at no less than the headquarters of the police, against a woman, one of the citizens that it is mandated – and paid – to protect and to serve. A citizen brutalized by the police to the point of being forced into pre-mature delivery, and losing my uterus.
The honourable court did not condemn the impunity with which these actions were carried out. It appears to have brushed aside the occurrence as nothing out of the ordinary and certainly nothing that should shock the conscience of humanity. This is definitely a case of getting the short end of the stick.
The award of damages by the honourable court (just UGX 35,000,000) is nowhere near deterrent; it does not send a message of any kind to the police that their actions can and will be punished. The police force, instead of being lashed for bad behavior, simply received a pat on the back. You can be sure the brutality of the police force will continue unabated for years to come, if the courts continue giving such judgments.
On the legal side, I am disappointed that the honourable court, after elucidating the principles on the award of damages, then proceeded not to follow them. This is a case that I feel should have set precedent by reminding law enforcement officers that they cannot behave the way they want and get away with it. A substantial award of damages would have gone a long way in bringing government and its security agencies to attention.
As shown even on the 46th page of today 18th December new vision paper, … “Namata told court that on April 24, 2019 a group of female police officers attacked her as she protested peacefully.”
What I actually told court was that a group of male and female officers attacked me, the court removed important words from my words. Obol Hellen knows that her fellow officer SSP Musani Micheal Sabila is male …a man and not female! Several other men in Uniform and others in regular attire participated commitedly in dihumanizing me and my then unborn child. Why were my facts altered? I will tell the court of Appeal this.

The hospital. The Hospital was let off. That’s ok. The hospital among other things concentrated on running Drug tests on me, this includes marijuana,( for any one to speak truth we must be intoxicated I guess) withheld this information or report on their findings until we got it anyhow. So do me I think their works were mostly inconsistent with the condition I was in and I hoped the Honourable court would see this.

Because of the foregoing, I feel justice has not been done to me as a citizen and as a human being. Whereas I have a lot of respect for the honourable court, it is my considered view that this is not a matter that should be left unchallenged. I have therefore instructed my lawyers to file an appeal to the Court of Appeal so that I further press my cause.

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