In wake of the state engineered hacking of all pro-democracy media platforms, the Ekyooto media group has come up with some of the rememdies that will help our audience especially in the Ugandan jurisdiction.

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As an online site committed to report the human interest stories abandoned by the Ugandan mainstream media in fear of being censored, we knew that some day the Museveni regime which is morphing into a ‘Kim Jong Un’ dynasty would intensify its restrictions on internet freedoms. World over, the internet has been recognised as one of the only platforms that give the people their right to expression. Ekyooto being one of the sites that have been exposing the rot in Uganda’s lack of respect for the rule of law had to be targeted and restrained from operating to the Ugandan people.

Technical Solution

Our technical team is steadily working on improvising convenient means that can grant webiste access to our Ugandan audience. We understand that those using mobile data and are in Uganda cannot freely access our website. This however can be history with just one click on the Google play App store. Simply visit the App store and download the ‘UC Turbo’ VPN or the ‘Duck-Duck Go’ VPN app. This will allow you access to the site without any technical challenges.

VPN to solve the site technical challenges

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