Majority of the campaign aides of the National Unity Platform party presidential candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine are under military and police custody following their arrest today in the islands of Kalangala where a campaign for the party was slated to ensue. A great deal of all those who werr detained are mainly vloggers, security personnel and free lance journalists who routinely cover Kyagulanyi’s campaign trail. A list compiled by the NUP Deputy youth wing leader for western region, Saasi Marvin reveals some of the names of the known crew members who are still in custody. Reliable sources say the crew members are facing torture from security operatives. Singer Nubian Li and Kyagulanyi’s security team leader Edward Ssebuufu alias Eddie Mutwe have reportedly been battered and are bleeding profusely as per the reports we are receiving. A security source says Eddie Mutwe and Nubian Li have been chained and transferred to Masaka Central Police Station. Here is the list shared on social media which shows some of the names of those who have been detained in Kalangala;

Saasi Marvin writes;

Virtually everyone on Bobi Wine ‘s presidential campaign team has been arrested in Kalangala today. Specifically, below is a list of some of the media team members detained:

Kafuko Stanley (Kstan Infinity), Digital Content Manager of the National Unity Platform / People Power – Uganda

Nalumansi Dorah (Dorothy Williamz) of Ekyooto Reloaded

Kampala Lookman, official campaign photographer

Tabz Ku Camera, official campaign photographer

Nsubuga Muhammad of Edoboozi Lya Uganda

Musa Mulimira of Semakula musa’s Show

Charles Mpanga of MAP Mediya TV

Geoffrey Mutalya Eyasalawo of G.M. Eyasalawo Media

Pympah TV operator

Sammy & Robert of Da Mighty family

Richard Kalema (Ricardo) of Ghetto Media

Other Notable Arrests:

Entire private security team

Entire private medical team

Ali Buken (Nubian li), President’s singing partner

Daniel Oyerwot aka Pro Daniel Dmaggic (𝐒𝐢𝐫 𝐃𝐚𝐧 𝐌𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐜), President’s Music Producer

Mark, President’s Driver

Don Sheriff Najja, President’s aide

Edward Ssebuufu (Eddie Mutwe), President’s security aide

H. E. Robert Kyagulanyi is under house arrest. His arrested campaign team members are reported to have been tortured in detention.

Please tag, in the comment section, individuals that were also arrested in the same operation or that you believe to be missing but were part of the team that had travelled to/was in Kalangala today for the campaigns. Alternatively, you may contact me privately.

© Saasi Marvin

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