With less than 24 hours left to the voting date, a new opinion poll conducted in key regions of Uganda has put the National Unity Platform party presidential candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine in a marginal lead ahead of the incumbent NRM candidate Gen. Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni. The survey found that Kyagulanyi is likely to take all key strongholds where president Museveni has for the past years rigged and successfully won. This new dynamic is reliant on the fact that Kyagulanyi is leading a young frustrated generation which constitutes the majority voters.

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Central Uganda

1) NUP, 51% 2) NRM, 19% 3) FDC, 18% 4) DP, 8% 5) ANT, 4%

Eastern Uganda

1) NUP, 53% 2) NRM, 29% 3) FDC, 10% 4) DP, 8% 5) ANT, 0%

Northern Uganda

1) NRM, 41% 2) NUP, 50% 3) FDC, 9% 4) DP, 0% 5) ANT, 0%

Western Uganda

1) NUP, 45% 2) NRM, 36% 3) DP, 8% 4) FDC, 6% 5) ANT, 5%


1. The data is aggregated from smartphones, tablet computers and desktop computers and on these, it is drawn from Google searches, news reading and YouTube views; other data comes from the Android operating system and tracking visits by people to various news websites.

2. The 0% in some of the data is not an absolute 0. Google explains that 0% means the data is weak, or less than one percent.

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